4.1 Change Agent

ISTE Standard 4.1 asks coaches to think about supporting changes in educational practice through the lens of access and equity, and how technology can best be leveraged to bring about those changes. Each substandard provides evidence for having met standard 4.1 through written investigations and applied learning.

Standard 4.1 reads: Coaches inspire educators and leaders to use technology to create equitable and ongoing access to high-quality learning.


4.1.a Create a shared vision and culture for using technology to learn and accelerate transformation through the coaching process.

4.1.b Facilitate equitable use of digital learning tools and content that meet the needs of each learner.

4.1.c Cultivate a supportive coaching culture that encourages educators and leaders to achieve a shared vision and individual goals.

4.1.d Recognize educators across the organization who use technology effectively to enable high-impact teaching and learning.

4.1.e Connect leaders, educators, instructional support, technical support, domain experts and solution providers to maximize the potential of technology for learning.