4.3 Collaborator

ISTE Standard 4.3 helps frame what it means to construct healthy coaching relationships with educators in order to improve teaching and learning.  This includes coaching ‘soft skills’ like establishing trust and respect with coachees, as well as ‘hard skills” like modeling how to use and evaluate digital learning content and tools. Each substandard provides evidence for having met standard 4.3 through written investigations and applied learning.

Standard 4.3 reads: Coaches establish productive relationships with educators in order to improve instructional practice and learning outcomes.


4.3a Establish trusting and respectful coaching relationships that encourage educators to explore new instructional strategies.

4.3b Partner with educators to identify digital learning content that is culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate and aligned to content standards.

4.3c Partner with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning content and tools to inform procurement decisions and adoption.

4.3d Personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning