4.7 Digital Citizen Advocate

ISTE Standard 4.7 recognizes that digital spaces are extensions of human society and places where human interactions take place.  Consequently, there are ways to operate in digital environments that reflect ethical behavior and good citizenship.  This standard asks coaches to help educators model digital citizenship and a sensibility for digital ethics, both in their online presence and in their teaching practice. Each substandard provides evidence for having met standard 4.7 through written investigations and applied learning.

ISTE Standard 4.7 Reads: Coaches model digital citizenship and support educators and students in recognizing the responsibilities and opportunities inherent in living in a digital world. 


4.7a Inspire and encourage educators and students to use technology for civic engagement and to address challenges to improve their communities.

4.7b Partner with educators, leaders, students and families to foster a culture of respectful online interactions and a healthy balance in their use of technology.

4.7c Support educators and students to critically examine the sources of online media and identify underlying assumptions.

4.7d Empower educators, leaders and students to make informed decisions to protect their personal data and curate the digital profile they intend to reflect.